Comfortable cotton panties

Comfortable cotton panties

The bare necessity that nobody can do without is the panty. Its duty is not just covering up, but providing protection as well. It is but natural that this very intimate detail be given due thought and care while shopping for it.


The panties are available is various materials like nylon, polyester, net, lace, polyamide elastane, spandex and cotton. Of these, cotton is the best material as it is a breathable fabric and absorbs moisture well.

Styles and fit

Panties come in various styles ranging from the sensible demur waist highs to the barely there sexy thongs and bikinis. The thongs and bikinis come in various materials and aimed at being provocative. They are meant for “special” occasions and definitely not for regular day wear. Most of the synthetic panties are designed to be tight fitting which is not healthy as this could cause a lot if infections.  Panties must be comfortably snug fitting with ample space of air circulation.

Benefits of cotton panties

Owing to its breathability, cotton panties are the best ones to wear during workout and for daily wear as they have many benefits. They aid air circulation, absorb moisture and help prevent yeast infections. They are soft on the skin and do not rub against the skin during work outs. The synthetic fibers do not absorb moisture and trap the heat leading to yeast infections. During workouts they graze the skin causing allergies and infections. Even cotton panties can cause infections like the UTI, if it is skin tight. So, keep it slightly loose and cottony!

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