Club dresses – style guide

Club dresses – style guide

Dressing for clubs could be a tough ask. One needs to understand the style of the club and style of music that’s played in the club, else it would be the situation of fish out of water. Club dresses are quite a lot out there, which makes it difficult for one to decide on the right one. The fact that there is no code here makes it a tricky option. When it comes to men and women, sometimes the codes are completely different. Let’s have a look at the different club dressing guides for both men and women.

For Men: Compared to women, the club dresses for men are limited which makes them easier to dress themselves for a club evening.

  • Pants – The straight option here is choose something other than jeans. One of the suggestions is to go with Khakis or Chino pants. These are great as they have a lot of variants other than the usual denim blue.
  • Shoes – The first thing to remember is, no sneakers. The best club footwear would be the chukka boots.
  • Tops – Casual shirts or smart t-shirts would be the right ones for a club evening. One should think twice about wearing a collared t-shirt.

For Women: It’s quite crazy out there for women when it comes to club dresses.

  • Bottoms – Trousers are good, the best among the trousers are the cigarette trousers. Another alternative could be to wear skirts, short ones of medium ones. The wild card entry here are the non-denim shorts.
  • Shoes – The shoe selection is quite important. Clear high heels are seen to be typically for clubs.
  • Tops – If trousers are worn the short tank tops or lacy shirt go great with them. The skirts also go well with the tops mentioned before, however, there are a whole range of other tops for women.
  • Others – This here could range from long gowns to short gowns. The favorite among all are the LBD (Little Black Dresses).

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