Cleats or football boots

Cleats or football boots

If the term cleats appear unfamiliar to you, then you will be surprised to know that it is another name of football boots. With the arrival of football world cup the demand for football boots tremendously goes up by several times. You will find every street and park of North America filled with football players of every age.

History of football boots

Primarily long boots were used to play field games like football. This was the era of about 18th century when long heavy boots with long laces and steel toe caps were largely demanded. It was in 19th century that proper customized football boots were made. From then on evolutions kept on taking place in style, design and pattern. Today the shoes used during football play does not accurately refer to boots since they in sufficiently cover ankle. However in some designs ankle is completely exposed.

Nature of football boots

Nature of football boots vary according to the player position in the field and also according to the nature of pitches. For grassy well maintained pitches like in Mega events metal and plastic based studded shoes are greatly used. They offer a firm gripping on the ground. However recreational players can use simple sneakers for themselves. They will be sufficient and adequate for their play. These days football and football accessories have acquired market share and changed into a game number by endorsing it with different celebs. Sponsorships earn great and heavy revenues for football and associated industries.

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