Choosing the best high waist pants

Choosing the best high waist pants

High waist pants are the go to casual, street style chic look but often getting the perfect one for your body type and matching it with the right top can be pretty hard and if done the wrong way it can end up making you look like a disaster.

The first important thing is to understand your body proportions to choose the right high waist pants. If you have a short torso you need to look for pants that don’t go too far above your waistline otherwise it will make your body look in-proportionate.

  • High waste pants make your legs look longer.
  • High waste pants hide your tummy to make it look flat so you don’t have to worry about being your tummy sticking out.

Choosing the right belt or no belt;

  • If you’re wearing a long top then the belt won’t be visible so you don’t need one. Still you could use one for extra support if your pants are loose.
  • If you’re wearing a short top or your top is tucked in the pants you should wear a belt to make it look more stylish. What type of belt you use entirely depends upon your top.

The Perfect Top:

The last important decision to make is choosing the perfect top. There a wide variety of tops that you can choose to wear with high waist pants. Wear a t-shirt top for a casual look

  • You can wear crop tops. They are stylish and sassy
  • Wear a button down full sleeve collared blouse to bring out a vintage style
  • Check dress shirt tucked in give you a classy tom-boy look.

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