Chinos for men guide

Chinos for men guide

Introduction to the material

Chino is a coarse fabric made entirely of cotton. It is mostly used to make trousers which are also known as chinos. Its history dates back to the 19th Century when it was used to make to make the uniforms of French and British soldiers. But in the present age, it is worn by nearly everyone from all walks of life. Chinos for men can be used to portray a variety of styles.

Office/Worker Style

Chinos to be worn at the workplace are usually made from tougher and thicker fabrics. They provide a more relaxed fit than trousers that are well fit and create straight lines. Dark colored chinos give you the option to try out different colors and styles (patterned, plain, etc) of shirts. Wearing a blazer can surely give you a more classy and masculine look. Moreover, be sure to wear socks with a lighter color.

Casual style

Casual chinos for men are usually made from cheaper materials and can be combined with many styles of shirts so you should definitely keep these in your wardrobe. T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans and hoodies would also go along fine with these. Any type of footwear ranging from joggers to sneakers would also go along fine.

The final judgement

Chinos give you the liberty to experiment with different styles so that you can find  the perfect style that aligns with your mood and personality. So have an open mind and don’t be afraid to play around.

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