Chino pants – guide to men to use them right

Chino pants – guide to men to use them right

Chino is a type of fabric which is woven in a twill pattern, typically using cotton. This material is generally used to make trousers, targeting men’s wear. In the industry today, the pants that are made using this material, carry the name Chino pants. In simple terms, they could be understood as a cross between khakis and formal pants. The major advantage that the Chino pants give are in terms of versatility, where they could be worn as a great alternative to the most common casual men’s wear, jeans.

Here are some the ways for using Chino pants.


Being a great cross between khakis and formal pants, they start the new section of dress wears for men, called the semi-formal dresses. They could be worn for a light social events or gatherings with family, where they pass of easily as being trendy and yet modest. If worn correctly, they could also be used as business casual wears.


The Chino pants demand one aspect from the person wearing them, the fitting. These pants cannot be chosen expecting them to be loose. They are known to give a smart outlook and therefore they must be worn to fit exactly to the body size today.


The best part about these pants, is their ability to match almost any kind of tops. Unlike jeans, they are not limited in terms of the color. They come in bold and a variety of colors which make it easy to find multiple tops to match them.


The most important accessory for the men, is the shoes. With Chino pants one can get over the limited range of shoes like the black and brown ones, and can dare to choose some trendy colors which give a great addition to these pants and overall outlook to the person wearing them.

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