Charles david shoes – get to know the variants

Charles david shoes – get to know the variants

Shoes for woman is an important accessory to ensure that their style quotient is complete. Even without other accessories, just with proper shoes for the dress, the overall look for a woman in terms of dressing is complete. This makes the shoe selection quite a challenging task. Here is where Charles David shoes come to the rescue. Their shoes are one of kind in terms of designs and styles. Their shoe collections generally match for more than one dress, which makes them a great value for money. Apart from that their styling is great with unique designs and great choice of shoe material.

Here is a category of different styles of shoes that they make.


Wedges are great shoes among other Charles David shoes that are truly designed from the casual style point of view. These shoes are perfect for summer weather, could be worn sometimes for spring or autumn too if the temperatures are on the higher side. These shoes vary in the range from $150 to $200.


Pumps are perfect shoes for a light social event or even sometimes for high profile events. These goes go great with most kinds of casual dresses or semi-formal dresses. They are not targeted much towards the business events however one could wear them then too. They range from $100 to $250.


Flat shoes from Charles David shoes are similar to wedges in terms of their usage, except they do not have heels. They are worn mostly with the casual dresses. They are more preferred by woman who do not prefer to wear heels. These shoes range from $35 to $190.


Boots from Charles David shoes are primarily targeted towards winter wears. These shoes vary in height from ankles to knee level. They are great in protecting the feet and leg from the cold winter. These shoes vary from $110 to $200.

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