How to wash and treat your denim shirt in the right manner

blue ripped denim shirt OTHHOZG

One of the most important things to when it comes to a denim shirt is how you treat and wash it. Remember that its fabric is different from the other ones and the way you handle it should, therefore, be different from the manner you handle the others. If you wash it well, it will last and look good for ...

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T-shirt printing techniques you can use at home

t shirt printing 2 colour view sample ... EYLKGAM

T-shirt printing can be great hobby to undertake, as not only will it be fun, but can also generate a few coins for those who are business savvy. It can also be a great way for you to save some money if you only need a few t-shirts to be printed for a specific event. Two easy to follow techniques ...

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Back ground of guayabera shirts

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Guayabera shirts are a kind of traditional men’s wear that was initially worn by Latin American men. This style of shirt was also popular among the Caribbean people. Though it is an old and traditional style but it is still quiye a much popular in the fashion industry and people who have a sense of styling and fashion like to ...

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