Casual wear tips

Casual wear tips

Overview of casual clothing

Casual clothing refers to a style of clothing that gives priority to comfort over formality. Jeans and T-Shirt are considered the classic combination for casual wear but other than these, a large variety of clothes fall into this spectrum. This means that dressing up casually provides a wide array of styles to try. Overall, you should at least try to achieve a balance between formal and informal.

Tips for men

Men can achieve a casual look in various ways using any item of clothing. You can unbutton your top shirt button, for example. Remember you should aim to look more mature rather than younger because maturity is one of the defining factors of a man’s class. Your footwear should complement your look. A pair of leather loafers would surely make you look sharp. Be sure not to leave your list empty. Wear a leather bracelet or watch. These small details play quite a significant role

Tips for women

Women should ensure that they have a variety of casual wear to choose from in their wardrobe. Dresses, t-shirts, jersey tops, skirts, anything will do fine (depending on the occasion).  Be sure to have purses, handbags and sunglasses in your list of additional accessories. Make sure you achieve the right mix of colors which is aesthetically pleasing.  Matching shoes is the best way to complete your casual outfit. Moreover, stay up to date with emerging fashion trends and always stay open to try out new styles.

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