Care tips for blue leather jacket

Care tips for blue leather jacket

Leather jackets are an investment which should be taken care of properly. The genuine leather is most often than not expensive, thus taking good care of it should be of utmost importance to the owner. Here are a few tips to help you in caring for your blue leather jacket.

Know the type of Leather materials used for your jacket

This is important as different leather materials will come with different care instructions. Leather can come in Aniline, nappa, nubuck and Suede. Any genuine leather manufacturers worth their salt will have a wash care label that instruct the wearer on how to care for the type of leather jacket they have purchased. Check this first before you begin cleaning the leather jacket.

Use a leather protector prior to wearing your leather jacket

The leather protector is meant to protect the leather from dirt, stains, water and oil. It is a spray applicator that is colorless and odorless. The leather protector is very handy especially for suede leather jackets as the suede material is sensitive to stains.

Maintain the blue leather jacket in three stages

The first stage is the cleaning stage where special leather cleaning products are used to wipe the surface of the leather jacket. Check that the cleaning product matches the type o material used for your blue leather jacket.

The nest stage is conditioning where special leather conditioners are applied on the surface of the leather jacket to prevent cracking and drying as well as to keep the leather jacket supple.

The final stage involves drying where it is highly recommended to have it air dry at room temperature. Hang the leather jacket with a hanger and leave it to dry.

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