Boat shoes styles and their characteristics

Boat shoes styles and their characteristics

The following article is everything with respect to boat shoes, right from its characteristic to different styles of boat shoes. The deck shoe or top-sider, also most commonly known as the Boat Shoe has walked a well defined path to become an elegant piece of footwear for men (also women). Initially the boast shoes were used only as utility or work wear.

Characteristics of Boat Shoes

  1. The boat shoes are commonly characterised with leather uppers, mid to dark brown in colour. However, now-a-days the same is available in different patterns and colours in both leather and canvas.
  2. The uppers are usually stain-proof. Water is repelled by these shoes as they are treated to do the same.
  3. The top of the boat shoes is stitched and they generally hand-sewn.
  4. The construction of the boat shoe is moc-toe.
  5. The most traditional type of lacing system is the 360 degree lacing system. However, other styles are also available.
  6. The uppers as well as the lace are made up of the same material. Conventional laces are now made available.
  7. Boat shoe are traditionally characterised with non marking white rubber soles. The soles are now available in different colours.
  8. A pattern of herringbone is usually carved into the soles.
  9. The heel cup of the shoe is shock absorbing.

Boat Shoe Styles

Boat shoes can be worn in different styles and not just while being on a boating trip. The boat shoes can replace the loafers as well as sneakers for everyday wear. Socks are not supposed to be worn for boat shoes, however according to one’s comfort and preference socks can be worn. Cotton inserts can also be used instead of socks. The Sperry Top-Sider and the Quoddy Men’s Boat Shoe are the most classic Boat shoes and are usually preferred by purists.

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