Black leather converse- A class of its own.

Black leather converse- A class of its own.

Leather…such a beautiful thing. It is the material that was used in ancient times for its durability. The oldest leather shoe in the world is estimated to be 5500 years old! Now that is durability. In the entire wide world it is the one material that everyone knows and love. Leather gives shoes a sense of significance, a sense of perfection and value. The smell of new leather alone is enough drive you crazy. Converse recognized the leather frenzy and decided to incorporate it in their collection of Converse sneakers.

The black leather Converse is something not to be missed. It has the sleek sporty design of the canvas sneakers with one great difference. It is smooth to the touch and gives a leathery shine that is sure to put a sparkle in your eyes. The worldwide popular All Stars symbol does not reflect on the heel of these sneakers as the tradition dictates but is instead incorporated on the tongue of the shoe and at the back of the rubber sole. Black Leather Converse sneakers still have the familiar double stitching and white rubber tip. It looks exactly like the canvas sneaker with one great difference. It’s made of Leather! They are easy to clean and sure to be a lot more durable than your average canvas sneakers. All Stars sneakers go with just about anything. Skirts, jeens, preppy styles, rockers, artists, students and now due to its elegant leather look you can eve wear them to work and events. Style any outfit with your premium quality black leather Coverse shoes and make all your friends jealous of your new look. This is one the of best ones with all the style an great option for the price paid.

As an added bonus, the leather sneakers still offer the same comfort and functionality of any sneaker so you can still step out into the active world and go skateboarding, dancing, free styling, cycling or strolling in your black leather Converse.   They are smart and comfortable enough to wear all day yet tough enough to handle all types of sports

Shoes are lined with Super Soft Micro-Suede that aids in comfort. The soles are lined with Lunarlonsockliner for more cushioning and arch support and a padded Non-Slip tongue is inserted for 360 degree comfort around the ankle and instep. Materials used for these shoes are of premium quality leather for great look and feel.

Go ahead and spoil yourself with the most versatile sneaker on the market. They are comfortable, durable and easy to clean. Wear them to the office, on grocery shopping trips, road trips, holiday, or just stay at home and stare at how they shine.

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