Black high top converse – A best option.

Black high top converse – A best option.

So you need a shoe that keeps you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, offers protection, allows you to do sport or be active, is comfortable enough to wear all day AND looks great?!

Black high top Coverse is just the shoe for you. These sneakers have their origin from 1920 when Converse decided to produce a shoe for basketball players. These shoes had to be breathable, flexible enough to give ankle movement, stylish enough to look great on the feet of famous giants, light and durable! Wow what a tough list! Coverse was up for the challenge and produced a sneaker that has all the requirements wrapped up in one shoe. The black high top Converse. The moment the first basketball player set foot on the playground, the Convere legend began. Everyone loved these Converse sneakers. Players all over were investing in these shoes and so were everyone else.

Rock stars would soon be seen jamming on stage in their All Stars sneakers. Skateboarders fell in love with them the moment they laid eyes on them. Sports fans would wear them as every day attire and school kids adored them for their great look and functionality.

The black high top Converse is a clean cut shoe with a simple design. They are branded with the well-known All Stars symbol on the heel of the shoe and are best known for its broad white rubber sole. At the back of the sole the popular All Stars name appears. The double white yarn stitching along the shoelace holes gives the shoe a distinctive clean look. Black high top Converse sneakers are laced with durable thick broad laces that give the sneaker a clean crisp look.

Black High top Converse shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day and specially designed for an active sports life. They are worn by bikers, dancers, freestylers, skateboarders, basketball players and people all over who simply love their design.

The sneakers are lined with Super Soft Micro-Suede for maximized comfort. The soles are lined with Lunarlonsockliner for more cushioning and arch support for your feet. A padded Non-Slip Tongue is inserted for 360 degree comfort around the ankle and instep and the materials used for these shoes are of premium quality canvas that is light and breathable.

Black high top Coverse is a diverse sneaker that can be worn with a wide range of different styles. Performers wear them on stage. Kids wear them to school ad when going out and you will never find a rock fan who doesn’t own a pair of these sneakers.

They are comfort, style and durability all in one. There are so many colors and you will love to own it.

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