Be fashionable with the men blazers

Be fashionable with the men blazers

Gone are the days were the men blazers were thought to be an old man’s clothes. Today, the blazers are one of the trendy mens fashion. The different designers have come with classy and elegant blazers that one can incorporate in their wardrobe

Types of blazers

What you will notice is that there are different types of men blazers that you can choose from. The different designs include;

  • Single breasted blazer; this is a type of blazer that has been designed with one column of buttons and an overlap of a narrow fabric. They are quite versatile and they can be worn with different types of clothes including the jeans.
  • Double breasted blazer; this is the type of blazer that has been designed with front flaps that overlap. It also contains two parallel columns of buttons.

Buying the perfect fit

Most men tend to buy blazers that are one size bigger. However, you should consider buying a fitting blazer. This makes you look smarter and elegant. The style of the blazer is also another important aspect of consideration. Mentioned above are some of the types of blazers that you will come across. You also need to consider the color of the blazer. Although this depends on personal preference, the dark colored blazers are quite flattering. They are also versatile and can be worn with any outfit and design. The price may be a factor of consideration- although don’t compromise the quality of the blazer.

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