Back ground of guayabera shirts

Back ground of guayabera shirts

Guayabera shirts are a kind of traditional men’s wear that was initially worn by Latin American men. This style of shirt was also popular among the Caribbean people. Though it is an old and traditional style but it is still quiye a much popular in the fashion industry and people who have a sense of styling and fashion like to adopt this style of shirting with a few amendments.

Specific Features of Guayabera Shirts:

The main design of Guayabera shirts is its four pocket style as well as the attractive embroidery which is done on the front pleaded stripes. The different styles in embroidery enhances the attractiveness of this shirt style and the front pleads give a perfect fitting and cuts to the one who is wearing this shirt.

A Mexican Wedding Shirt:

Guayabera shirts are also known as the Mexican wedding shirts because their history relates that these shirts were much likely be worn by the bride grooms over there in Mexico. The origin of this shirt also belong to Cuba. The material used to design this shirt is usually flattering and comfy, it is the best summer outfit and is available in a variety of styles and colors. Guayabera shirts are also designed in printed fabric and is much liked by young generation because of their attractive floral prints. From simple to stylish design these shirts are the first choice of men of all ages. They are also available in French cuff styling and mostly this shirt is preferred in white color for the summer perfect wear.

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