Award-winning green coat

Award-winning green coat

I am a fashion designer by profession and I keep on designing new themes and new clothes with every changing season. This time all the designers were given a project to showcase their themes using one specific color and I use green.

Why I use green?

Green color is not frequently used for clothing themes. However I chose Green color to showcase balance, prosperity and growth. Green color contains numerous qualities in itself. It is color of spring and rebirth. And my theme was about the rebirth of fashion. My plan was to reintroduce all those fashion ideas which are nowhere in fashion industry today.

Nature related theme

My theme was pertaining to nature and that is why I incorporated floral designs in my clothing. I use different shades of green for different accessories. Green coat employed olive green color. It was embellished by some floral motifs. Emerald Green was used for the fine jewelry pieces. However deep greens were used for head accessories. The green coat was further electrified with long boots enriched in fungus green color. I also introduced green coats of varying lengths and varying fabrics to suit different seasons. Floppy hats and Victorian hats in different green colors were complementary with other coats. At the end of show it was to my great surprise that I was awarded as the winner of contest. Although I worked hard in bringing best out of green theme but I was judged on basis of my intention. My intention was to create awareness regarding environmental pollution and to enhance greenery to compensate increasing global warming.

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