Asics Onitsuka Tiger – At First It was a Basketball Shoe!

Asics Onitsuka Tiger – At First It was a Basketball Shoe!

Well, the whole story started for the Asics Onitsuka Tiger when the Onitsuka Co Ltd has come into existence during the year 1949. It is also the time when this shoe has come into the market for the first time in Japan. It was the time when Japan has also started to recover from after the destructions occurred at this part of the world during World War Two. This shoe was announced with an objective to gear up the youth in Japan to move for the sports arenas. Since then, this company has managed to produce the best sports shoes for the market. And now they have adopted this as a trend to produce only the highest quality shoes that are admired and accepted across the globe by many leading sportspersons. This company is also producing the best sports apparels and equipments for the market.

While Japan was recovering after going through an adverse effect of World War Two, the announcement of Asics Onitsuka Tiger has offered Japanese people something to cheer about. They were quite happy to have such shoe that is loaded with the trademark Tiger Face on the arch of the sports shoe. It was also considered as the first shoe for basketball players in Japan. As of 1960s, many leading athletes across the globe have started to wear this shoe with a great interest. Thus, it is very important that you look for the stylish shoes that are comfortable.

During the year 2001, ASICS has managed to resurrect the brand named as Onitsuka Tiger. After this the shoe and the apparels manufactured by Onitsuka have gone through a update in order to produce the sports shoes and clothing for the modern world. After this the brand has started to produce some of the best Asics Onitsuka Tiger shoes, clothing, apparels and sports gears for the market. These items are now available at the online stores as well and all set to take your performance level up on the use. For the winter months, you require shoes that give good warmth to the foot. On other hand, for balmy days of a year, choose lightweight and open-toed shoes. Choose the ideal style of the shoes to give required comfort to the foot. ASICS brand of footwear matters very much. Some people are very choosy about shoes that they wear and always prefer buying top brands. But, some consider the features more than brand. The branded shoes however are the better option as you are sure of best quality of shoes. Thus, whether you are buying ASICS shoes or other casual shoes, keep following points in your mind in order to make the right investment.

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