An overview of donkey jackets

An overview of donkey jackets

Donkey jackets are referred to as a men’s jacket having 5 to 6 large sized buttons that go from top to the bottom on the front side. These jackets are considered to be work jackets and are usually made out of a dark blue or black woolen fabric. The shoulders of donkey jackets are reinforced using a patch of leather in order to get protection from rain. It is untailored from the waist so it hangs straight down from the shoulders. Such type of jackets was originally designed to meet the requirements of workers who have to perform their duty in harsh climatic conditions but they are also used as a fashionable outfit these days.

Brief history

In the late 19th century, the workers used to wear wool sack coats with patches of PVS to protect the worker from rain and moisture. They were usually manufactured in yellow or orange color and the name of the employer company used to be engraved on their surface. Donkey jacket is an evolution to those coats. The PVC is replaced by a leather patch while the tailoring is carried out in a more sophisticated and professional way.

Where to buy from

These jackets are a bit uncommon as compared to the other types of uppers and jackets. If you are looking for one, you can look it up at a vintage store. A better way to find them is to browse for them over the internet. You may find a lot of such jackets offered for sale by different sellers over the internet.

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