An overview of different types of aran sweaters

An overview of different types of aran sweaters

Aran sweaters come with a traditional history and originally base from a small town in Ireland called Aran. They happen to be a nice and appealing piece of clothing. Some of the most commonly available types of Aran sweaters are discussed below.

The Cable Stitch:

The cable stitch is the most commonly available as well as the most popular stitch. In the past it was attired by fishermen as a good omen.

The Diamond Stitch:

This type of stitch is known to bring about wealth, success and good luck to whoever wears it.

The Zig Zag Stitch:

The zig zag stitch is a special stitching pattern. It is exclusively designed to wear on formal occasions like wedding ceremonies.

The Honeycomb Stitch:

The honey comb stitch is a complex one. Therefore, it is affiliated with hard work and is known to bring about good luck to whoever wears it.

The Trellis Stitch:

The trellis stitch is a famous stitch affiliated with the native farmers of Ireland.

The Tree of Life Stitch:

The tree of life stitching is associated with the importance of clans and families. It depicts different norms like unity and strength in the family system.

Other information:

Different characteristics and stories affiliated by different types of aran sweaters lead us to believe that they are most suitable to wear in different working environments, especially during field work. They are a fine piece of work and allow your body to maintain an appropriate temperature so that you might be able to stay warm and cozy while looking appealing at the same time.

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