An overview of different types of african wedding dresses

An overview of different types of african wedding dresses

African wedding dresses are a bit different from the traditional western style wedding dresses which are mostly based on a white colored theme. They are more colorful and captivating. Some of the common types of the wedding dresses used in most of the African countries are discussed below in order to give you a brief idea.

Colorful Prints

African wedding dresses make use of rich colors in order to capture the real essence of a wedding. There is a variety of different colors that are used but the most common ones include purple, emerald, mustard, orange and blue. Normally there is a blend of all these colors used to make a colorful dress. In order to make the dresses catchy and attractive, Africans prefer to use bold and brighter colors.


Some of the Africans prefer to make use of all white wedding dresses just like they do in the western countries. There are different patterns of textures used to develop different types of wedding dresses. The most common yet most popular choices in this regard make use of small patterns and golden motifs following the dress contour.

All white + Colorful Prints

Sometimes a blend of all white and colorful dresses is also used in African weddings. This is a unique combination and looks very elegant on the bride. Different colors are inserted on the dress in a strategic way in order to make a very elegant and beautiful dress.

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