All you need to know about mens dress shirt

All you need to know about mens dress shirt

A shirt can frame you face and enhance your facial feature. That is the reason why you need to pay attention to the type of shirt that you choose. There are quite a few designs that you can choose from including the mens dress shirt. The dress shirt are simply designed with a collar, long sleeves and cuffs

Characteristics of the shirts

Most of the mens dress shirts have been made with cotton either woven or dyed.  There are also other fabrics that you can choose from including manmade fibers. There are some other shirts that have been made with silk.

Considerations that you should make

For you to choose the right dress shirt there are quite a few factors that you need to consider including;

  • Size; one thing that you will notice is that the size of the shirts differ. You need to choose shirts that are well fitting if you want to look good. A baggy shirt will not flatter your body.
  • The color; different colors are suitable for different occasions. That is why you need to consider the color. You may however choose to buy bright colored shirts that can fit with all different types of trousers.
  • The pattern; choosing solid colors will work for you. However, you may also opt to buy the striped shirts.
  • The style; the different shirts come with two different types of collars. The types include the standard and spread collars.

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