All about getting the right pair of mens shorts

All about getting the right pair of mens shorts

Because shorts are not just beachwear

A common misconception is that mens shorts are just beachwear, and cannot be a mainstream styling element. However, when styled and paired with the right accessories, shorts can be amongst the most trendy and hottest of attires that men can wear, at any casual or sporty occasion. Before you begin thinking of when you can wear shorts, keep two simple rules in your mind at all times- for wearing shorts, the environment should be right and have a hot temperature; and you should not be attending any formal event or conducting some business. With these two rules taken care of, let us go ahead see what kind of shorts should you go in for.

Fit, color and more

The first thing that you need to decide for wearing shorts is the length. The best would be just above the knees- for these are neither too short, nor too long. You also need to keep the fit in mind; it is better to go in for a closed fit rather than a loose one, else you will get the chicken leg look with baggy shorts.

The color of the mens shorts you wear reflects the mood and the formality. This is why beige shorts are the most common ones, apart from being easier to match. If you are not sure of what color of mens shorts to get, sticking with some solid colors and a traditional style is the safest bet. When done right, you should be able to carry off these shorts in style and with class, just as a man should!

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