A guide to choosing the best bridesmaid shoes

A guide to choosing the best bridesmaid shoes

If there is one thing that you need to work on to avoid on your wedding day is bridesmaid shoes dilemma. This is something that most wedding couples pay keen attention on and end up with bridesmaids whose shoes simply serve to spoil the important occasion. Choice of shoes for your bridesmaids to wear should be top on your to-do list long before the big day.


The fact that your chosen bridesmaids to be are individuals with own personalities, taste and feet size makes it very necessary to consult them as you think of the best shoes to have. It is a good idea to have them all in one place with the sole aim of determining their shoe sizes and most importantly on the type, design and color of shoes they will wear. This is highly recommended considering that it is not you who will wear the shoes. The shoes you settle on as a team should take into account their bridesmaid dresses and the wedding venue.

Mix and Match Shoes

There are several options when it comes to dressing your bridesmaids in terms of shoes. You may choose to have all your bridesmaids wear similar dresses with similar matching shoes. You also have the option of having your bridesmaids wear different dresses with similar shoes. It is highly recommended that you only settle for a mix and match way of dressing in case you will have more than ten bridesmaids at your wedding.

Try Out Session

One very effective way to avoid bridesmaid shoes dilemma on your wedding day is to arrange for shoe try out session when every bridesmaid to be has the opportunity to wear chosen shoes. This will also give you a good opportunity to get a feel on how the shoes will come out on the big day.

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