A guide to choosing snowboard jackets

A guide to choosing snowboard jackets

Snowboarding is both a sporting and recreational activity that involves descending a slope of snow while on a snowboard attached to your feet. The cold and dangers that snow present calls for protective clothing and one of these clothing is a jacket. However, snowboard jackets are not only worn when snowboarding. They are popular clothing that many people wear in winter as one way of protecting themselves against cold weather.

You need to consider two very important factors when shopping for this type of jackets:


You have the option of choosing plain or patterned jackets depending on your personal taste and preference. You also need to make a decision on whether to buy tight or baggy jackets. Whichever the case, snowboard jackets traditionally feature three layers; the base, middle and outer layer.

It is very important to consider what type of material each layer is made of. For instance, you may choose a jacket with base layer made of cotton, which will keep you warm but will not be able to take away moisture from your body. You should also choose jackets with outer layers that are waterproof and breathable.


Snowboard jackets are also designed with different features that you need to consider. Some of the features you need to look into include waterproof rating, breathability rating, moisture wicking rating, waterproof zips, headphone loops and vents among other features.

The fact that use of this type of jackets is not restricted to snowboarding means that you can shop and find one or several that you can wear especially during winter.

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