A guide to buying vintage hats

A guide to buying vintage hats

Any item including clothing items that are at least twenty years old can appropriately be termed as vintage. In respect to hats however, they could be up to hundreds of years old. Hats can also be termed as vintage in case they are made in an extraordinary style.

One thing with vintage hats is their appeal. They are also versatile and available in different styles, colors and made of different materials. You may choose to buy a vintage hat to form part of your collection or as modern day apparel. Buying the right vintage hat requires that you look into three very important factors.


There are different types of hats from the past. They are available in different colors, styles and shapes. You have the option of choosing a Victorian era hat that is over one hundred years old. These are known for their luxury and beauty. You may opt to buy Bowler (for men or Bonnet (for women) hats. There are also hats from 1920s era of which you may choose a Fedora or Cloche hats. The 1940s era also its unique hats including berets and Pillbox hats.


Vintage hats are made of different materials, which is something that you must consider. Materials used include straw, wool, silk or felt. You need to note that any hat promoted as vintage and is made of any other material apart from these materials is a fake. There are indeed many reproductions of hats from the past that are passed off as authentic hats of the past.

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