A guide for buying the mens chukka boots

A guide for buying the mens chukka boots

Yes, they were common in the olden days because of their style and versatility. However because of the different designs the mens chukka boots are quite common today. The boots do create a touch of elegance on your fashion. They are vintage yet classic and modern in the design.

Choosing the boots

Before you can proceed to buying the mens chukka boots you will need to understand the features. This is what will help you to differentiate the shoes from the desert boots.

  • They are laced up ankle boots; that is to say that they are reach at the ankle.
  • They have a maximum of three eyelets
  • They were originally designed from the suede leather (calfskin). Today they have canvas and faux leather
  • They have thin soles and they are made of leather. There are however other different types of soles including rubber.
  • They were originally made brown. However, they are still available in different colors

Wearing the boots

When it comes to wearing this boots, the world is your oyster. They are trendy and versatile and can be worn with different outfits. You can pair the boots with pants or suits. The possibilities are endless and you can incorporate them to your wardrobe easily. You can also try to mix the different colors. You need to pay attention to the brand and the manufacturer. This will determine the quality of the boots. The price is an important factor to consider.

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