7 things you don’t know about dr martens boots

7 things you don’t know about dr martens boots

You have surely heard about Dr Martens Boots but there are some points that I am sure that you never heard about these boots. Below is a list of the seven things you never heard about Dr Martens Boots:

  1. These boots have been around for more than 50 years. The first official Dr Martens Bootswere rolled on the 1st of April 1960.
  2. These shoes were invented by a German doctor during the World War II in 1945 when Doctor Klaus Maertens got injured while skiing and found his military boots too uncomfortable for his foot. From there he partnered with a British shoemaker (R. Griggs Group Ltd) who later changed the name to Dr Martens Bootsand also added yellow stitching.
  3. Dr Martens Bootswere originally intended for the working class
  4. Dr Martens “Bouncing Soles” are resistant to many chemicals like oil, Fat, Acid Petrol and Alkali.
  5. It’s funny but Pope John Paul II had a “custom white pair” for himself.
  6. The production of Dr Martens Bootswas moved to Thailand and China in 2003 due to decreasing sales.
  7. Later, in 2004, their Cobb’s Lane factory began making these boots again and Cobb’s Lane factory is responsible for their Made in England line till present. This factory is the only England firm to produce Dr Martens Boots. As the original specifications prescribe, the shoes are handmade. They cost around $200 but last for years.

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